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    Denis Dailleux, Tubéreuses, Kanater, Egypte, 2011

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    The Body is a Blade
    Japanese Breakfast
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    GUSTAVE JEAN JACQUET - A portrait of a lady in pink (detail)

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    Hebers Ghyll wood, Yorkshire, England by @markwadd

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    Kate Winslet in SENSE AND SENSIBILITY (1995)
    dir. Ang Lee

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    “Remembering is like constructing and then traveling again through a space. We are already talking about architecture. Memories are built as a city is built.”

    Umberto Eco, from “Architecture and Memory,” trans. William Weaver, VIA (vol. 8, 1986)

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    Colin Morgan in The Happy Prince (2018) dir. Rupert Everett

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    i am once again asking people i know to do actual research on OCD and what it is b/c i saw someone equating POCD to actual predatory shit recently and i think im going to break out of my enclosure . OCD is not about “subconscious desires” it’s about fear. fears, aversions and repulsions, both subconscious and conscious.

    OCD forces you to obsess over things that make you anxious, scared, uncomfortable, or disgusted. possibilities (about yourself, your future, your loved ones and their futures, etc) that would give you nightmares if you considered them for too long. 

    literally the second you start thinking OCD may be about “subconscious desires” you have lost. you made an immediate left turn when you were supposed to make a right and now you’re on a completely different road.

    this applies to all forms of OCD by the way, even the most “disgusting”, taboo or “disturbing”. whichever form of OCD you’re thinking may be an exception to this rule, is not an exception. b/c there is none

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    Decision to Leave (2022) dir. Park Chan Wook

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    [Image ID: a black and white typography edit that reads "aren't you glad to be a pansy?". beside the text is a pansy blossom, including stem and leaf. the entire picture is textured to look aged and printed on off-white paper. /End ID]

    click for quality (instagram) (my shop)

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    Anna Karenina
    2012, dir. Joe Wright

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    the visible leg hair at the bottom of my pants is apart of the look btw if you even care