The Only 8 Jewelry Pieces Your Collection Needs

Talk about heirloom status.
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Feb 16, 2022

While there’s a plethora of jewelry trends to partake in, there’s something to be said for the classics. Whether you like to pile it on or consider ornamental baubles to be more of a chore, a well-rounded jewelry box can have a huge impact on one’s overall style. It’s important to establish a basis of classic jewelry pieces that will make your collection feel whole. To eliminate the guesswork, we’ve corralled a checklist of everything that your arsenal needs.

The benefit of classic jewelry is that it’s perennial; it’s made not just for now, but ten years from now. While it’s easy to get caught up in the latest trend (colorful TikTok baubles, we’re looking at you), fad-proof pieces are a much smarter investment because you can live in them daily and in perpetuity. Which also makes the cost-per-wear exponentially lower. Ahead, explore our edit of always-on classic jewelry pieces, and spoiler: tennis bracelets and diamond stud earrings await.

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Diamond Studs

Historically, diamond studs symbolize that the wearer is loved by a special someone, making them a sweet gift idea for yourself or your dearest. The object also allows you to dabble in the fine art of day diamonds—aka the diamond styles that you can wear during meetings, lunches, and errands without feeling too frosty. This category can be boiled down to two factors: versatility and wearability. Can they cover any occasion at any time of day? For all four of the below diamond studs, the answer is 'yes'—from Stone and Strand’s distinguished baguettes to Grace Lee’s bezel earrings.


Thin Gold Bands

Slim, band-like rings are quietly becoming a popular option for minimalists, of which Monica Vinader’s diamond-studded band is primed for. Let a solo band speak for itself or create a personalized stack with Aurate’s dainty hoops. Try spacing out Bottega Veneta’s varying set of five bands across both hands, or wearing them all on one finger—either way, the look will feel entirely new each time.


Two-Tone Watch

The benefits of two-tone watches are numerous, but the greatest perk? It's eons easier to mix metals. Go the timeless route with low-key styles from Vanna, or subtly partake in logomania with Fendi's subdued FF cuff. The former creates an elegant contrast using genuine Lapis Lazuli and Mother of Pearl, while the latter will prove your trend-awareness to onlookers. Free of any fads, however, are Cartier’s iconic Panthère De Cartier watch and Michele’s Deco bracelet watch. Wherever your heart lands, you'll never regret owning a failsafe timepiece.


Solid Hoop Earrings

For some, hoop earrings can feel a bit polarizing—either they’re your thing or they're not, it seems. If you fall into the second camp, hear us out. Plain metal hoops come in and out of fashion every five to ten years, making it worthwhile to have a staple pair of hoops in your jewelry box at all times. Though trending pairs tend to vary in size and texture, any pick will transcend time—so long as you stick to the archetypal circular shape.

In Black and Latinx communities, hoop earrings hold a deeper meaning, serving as symbols of resilience and strength. Puerto Rican fine jewelry designer Jennifer Zeuner translates this through its butterfly-back earring, which is literally what hoop dreams are made of. For something with a touch more personality that's just as versatile, Barcelona-founded brand Wilhelmenia Garcia perfects the twisted bijoux trend with these delicious ice cream swirl hoops.


Statement Rings

'Statement’ and 'timeless' jewelry seldom go together. To ensure that your splashier baubles blaze bright without burning out quickly, look for pieces that find a middle ground between the two. A touch more subdued than today's trendier neon enamel baubles, these picks are just as tasteful and apt for daily wear.

Spinelli's layered rings have achieved cult status over the years, and this solid gold iteration is less flashy than its pavé counterparts, making it a natural fit for everyday wear. Temple St. Clair’s multicolor cosmos ring, on the other hand, offers a teeny pop of color by way of precious ruby and sapphire stones. Milamore’s Kintsugi ring is inspired by the Japanese art of repairing cracked ceramics with gold. Equally striking and incomparable, Carbon & Hyde’s Bubble ring plays with shape and texture with its pavé dome.


Huggie Hoop Earrings

As the name suggests, huggie earrings are mini hoops that hug your ear. Running parallel to the resurgence of hoop earrings, huggies are versatile, they're comfortable, and they won’t snag on clothes or hair the way that studs can. For that reason, choosing the most durable huggies possible is imperative—so we were sure to choose styles made from hypoallergenic metals that can go months (or even years) without tarnishing.

Build your curated earscape by investing in several of Maria Tash's 5mm diamond eternity huggies, or go the savvy route with Studs' chain-bound huggie set. Among trending ear ensembles, the staircase jewelry craze (ear piercings that run up the earlobe) can be made classic with Mateo's 14-karat rose gold hoop set, which makes for a simple, minimal look.


Single Stone Necklace

Sometimes, keeping it simple is the safest bet. While strands of pearls may come to mind as classic neckwear (especially now that the freshwater accessory is undergoing a contemporary renaissance), the precious beads don’t quite fall under ‘daily wear’ the way that a diamond on a threadbare chain does. These delicate single stone strands, such as Aresa and Zoe Lev Jewelry’s iterations, will never feel lackluster.


Tennis Bracelets

You knew this one was coming, and it only feels right to finish strong. The tennis bracelet is a standout arm candy trend that has proven its impetus time and time again across jewelry-wearers of all ages. Out of every style available (and there are thousands), we can guarantee that these four will become heirloom pieces that will be passed down for generations.

Known for crafting sculptural pieces with an urban feel (including its Infinite bracelet), LA brand Hoorsenbuhs is popular amongst buzzy celebrities and luxe-lovers alike. The Last Line’s streamlined tennis bracelet, on the other hand, invites you to play with its various sizes and colorway options. For those who may not be looking to splurge, Swarovski's Emily bracelet is the crème de la crème in the world of achievable tennis jewelry.




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