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How to: Customise Our Diamond Wedding Rings - Rachel Boston Jewellery

How to: Customise Our Diamond Wedding Rings

If you love our Made-to-Order wedding rings but want to add a personal touch, here's 3 of our favourite ways.



Our classic Baguette and Round Diamond wedding ring transformed into a chunky 3mm Diamond Wedding Ring

Take a delicate diamond ring and make it statement. A wide diamond band complements larger-stoned engagement rings and geometric designs beautifully. Above, our client transformed our Baguette and Round Diamond Ring into a 3mm version that we love. 



If your engagement ring is low-set, meaning a wedding ring cannot fit underneath the setting, a custom curve can be added to any of our made-to-order wedding rings for a seamless fit. 

Our 2mm Circulum Diamond Eternity Ring transformed with a custom curve to fit our client's vintage low-set diamond engagement ring.

Bespoke diamond eternity ring customised to fit the shape of our client's antique engagement ring

Pictured above, we transformed our 1.5mm Circulum Diamond Eternity Ring with a custom shape to fit around our client's antique engagement ring.



Our Diamond Baguette Deco Ring customised with Princess Cut Diamonds for a little extra sparkle.

If there's a particular cut of diamond that you love, we may be able to incorporate it into our existing made-to-order wedding rings. Here, Princess Cut diamonds were added to our Baguette Deco Wedding Ring to complement our client's RB engagement ring.


Discover our full collection of customisable Diamond Wedding Rings here.


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