Following Wallpaper* Handmade’s Singapore exhibitions in 2017 and 2018, local designers are invited to reimagine an everyday object and become a part of the 2019 show.

Celebrating and nurturing Singapore’s dynamic and creative spirit our Wallpaper* Handmade Next Generation Singapore Designer competition is open to all qualified Singapore citizens and Singapore permanent residents. Talents from the worlds of architecture, fashion, product design, graphic design, furniture design and industrial design, who have graduated in the last five years, are invited to enter.

Entrants are tasked with redesigning or reimagining an everyday object – anything from a useful but aesthetically overlooked staple to an under-functioning item of beauty. Designers should submit their proposal alongside a portfolio of their best work.

Only one Wallpaper* Handmade Next Generation Singapore Designer will be selected to work with Wallpaper*. As part of the winner’s package, we will team them up with a manufacturer of Wallpaper* magazine’s choice to create a prototype of a design tailored to the Handmade 2019 theme.

Then, together with a collection of Wallpaper* Handmade Classics, the winning entry will make its debut at Singapore Design Week in March 2019, before travelling to Milan Design Week in April, and finally returning to Singapore in June 2019 with a newly curated collection of ‘Handmade On Tour’ pieces.

 Wellness & Wonder

Exhibition view of Wallpaper* Handmade 2018 in Milan: Wellness & Wonder

‘We started Wallpaper* Handmade nine years ago to invite talented designers, craftspeople and makers from all around the world to collaborate in the creation of beautiful and unique, one-off pieces,’ says Wallpaper* Brand & Content Director Tony Chambers. ‘Wallpaper* is proud to showcase and celebrate Singaporean talent – now on a regular basis – and work with emerging designers such as Edmund Zhang, the winner of our 2018 call-out.’

Last year, Wallpaper* picked industrial design graduate Zhang as its inaugural Wallpaper* Handmade Next Generation Singapore Designer. His design, the Squeezy lamp, is a delightful LED desk lamp that illuminates when squeezed. Six established Singapore-based designers were also invited to design products that debuted at Singapore Design Week 2018 and were shown at Milan Design Week 2018.

Edmund Zhang with the Squeezy lamp

Edmund Zhang with the Squeezy lamp

‘We were thrilled to see our Singapore designers’ creations presented alongside some of the best international talents at Wallpaper* Handmade 2018. They made us proud. This partnership with Wallpaper* gives us an exceptional stage to spotlight Singapore design to the who’s who of the design industry. To our talented young designers out there, don’t miss this opportunity to be considered as the Next Generation Designer. Surprise us with your imagination!’ says Mark Wee, Executive Director (Designate), Dsg.

Aside from the exhibitions, the winner of the Wallpaper* and Dsg competition will have his/her work showcased in Wallpaper* magazine and on



With selections judged on creativity, a shortlist of ten concepts will be chosen by an esteemed panel of Wallpaper* editors and contributors.



Only one (1) entry to the competition is allowed per person.

Please send computer renders, sketches, CAD drawings, photographs, descriptions or mood boards of your design concept to

All files should be sent as a jpeg or PDF file and should not exceed five (5) MB.

All elements of your entry must be submitted as one file; partial entries will not be accepted.

Please accompany your entry with the following information: name, email, contact details, country of residence, date of birth, profession and a short biography listing experience and degree qualifications. Please also include your portfolio.

All entries must be received by 30 June 2018. Late entries will be invalid. Proof of sending will not be accepted as proof of receipt. Receipt of entries will not be acknowledged.


A panel will select 10 entries. Shortlisted entries will appear in an online public gallery on and across the Wallpaper social networking platforms. However Wallpaper* magazine and DesignSingapore Council will have no liability should the entry not appear in such media. Further, Entrant agrees that Wallpaper* and DesignSingapore Council will (a) present short-listed entries in any sequence, order or pattern which may or may not be varied one or more times in Promoter’s sole discretion and (b) attribute entries to Entrants in a manner of Promoter’s sole choosing.

Entrants acknowledge that the online activity around the Wallpaper* / DesignSingapore Council competition will be a publicly accessible website, and as such we accept no responsibility for any unsolicited communications any shortlisted entrant receives from third parties as a result of his/her part in the competition.

An entrant’s personal information or contact information will not be included in any promotional activity. You agree to indemnify the Promoter for any losses or liabilities it suffers or incurs as a result of any third party claim that any photos/videos, Works, and any other content and/or materials you submit as part of the Wallpaper* / DesignSingapore Council competition infringe or are alleged to infringe the copyright, design right and/or any other rights of any third party.

Wallpaper* / DesignSingapore Council will not be responsible for the content of any material submitted by you, and you accept that (i) you will be responsible for ensuring that any material submitted does not infringe any third party rights (such as intellectual property rights) and (ii) you will be liable for any claims, losses, fines, penalties, costs or damages suffered or incurred by you or the Promoter as a result of any such infringement.

The decision of the Promoter shall be final and no correspondence will be entered into. The Promoter reserves the right at any time: (i) to verify, or have a third party verify, that any entrant meets the eligibility requirements and has complied with these terms and conditions; and/or (ii) to disqualify any entry that fails to meet such eligibility requirements and/or otherwise comply with these terms and conditions.

Wallpaper* and DesignSingapore Council assume no responsibility for lost, unauthorised, misdirected, illegible, falsified, delayed or incomplete entries, all of which are invalid and void, or for difficulties experienced in submitting an entry to the Wallpaper* / DesignSingapore Council competition, including as a result of any technical delay, failure or defect.


Only one (1) entry to the competition is allowed per person.

By entering the Wallpaper* / DesignSingapore Council (Dsg) competition you consent to the use of your personal data as set out in these terms and conditions. Wallpaper* and Dsg may pass entrants’ details to third parties either where the third party is acting on the behalf of Wallpaper* / Dsg, for the purposes of administering the Wallpaper* / Dsg competition and/or any subsequent publicity, and/or for the purposes of sending you Wallpaper* and Dsg’s marketing materials (provided you have indicated that you want to receive any such marketing materials); and/or as otherwise required by law, in each case any such third parties will be required to use your personal data only in accordance with these terms and conditions. Wallpaper* and DesignSingapore will not pass your details to any third party not referred to in these terms and conditions or otherwise without your prior consent.

Wallpaper* and Dsg assume no liability for injuries, losses or damages of any kind to property or persons, resulting in whole or part, directly or indirectly, from entry into the Wallpaper* / Dsg competition any acts or omissions of an entrant, or participation in the Wallpaper* / Dsg competition Any/all works are submitted at the entrant’s own risk.

These Terms and Conditions constitute the entire agreement between you and us in relation to their subject matter and supersede any and all prior promises, representations, agreements, statements and understandings whatsoever between us.


Entrants declare that information they provide on entering the Wallpaper* / Dsg, competition is true and correct. Any entry made in breach of this declaration may be deemed invalid and disqualified at our discretion.

Competition entries must be your own original work and must not be copied from anyone else. You must not endanger yourself or others, or take any unnecessary risks in order to produce or make your entry to the competition.

You are solely responsible for any expenses incurred in the creation and/or submission of your entry to the Wallpaper* / Dsg, competition.

Wallpaper* and Dsg, reserve the right to take down from its respective websites any/all photos/videos, works, and any other content and/or materials submitted by entrants if either party determines in its sole discretion that any such content and/or materials are in breach of these terms and conditions and/ or if any complaints or claims in respect of such content and/or materials (including without limitation any claims for infringement of a third party’s intellectual property rights) are received.

You represent, warrant and promise that you own all the rights to:

(i) any/all photos/videos/written material submitted as part of your entry to the Wallpaper* / Dsg, competition.

(ii) the Works that you submit as part of your entry to the Wallpaper* / Dsg, competition. And that they are your sole and original creation and have not been copied in whole or in part from any other person.

You will retain ownership of the copyright in any/all photos/videos/written material submitted as part of your entry. However you hereby grant to Wallpaper* and Dsg, their various group companies, contractors, agents and collaborators a worldwide, royalty-free, non- exclusive, perpetual, sub-licensable license to use, reproduce and/or modify any/all such photos/videos/written material without restriction in any and all media, including for the purposes of the Wallpaper* and Dsg, project, for internal use, for commercial use, for publication on any websites, and for use in promotional and advertising materials in relation to the competition.

Ownership of piece

You further acknowledge that any content, material, or information included in your entry shall not be confidential, proprietary or trade secret.

To the extent permitted by law, the entrant hereby irrevocably waives any/all moral rights or other transferable rights in any/all photos/videos/written material submitted as part of an entry. If you did not create any of the photos/videos/written material submitted as part of your entry entirely by yourself or if the Works you are submitting as part of your entry were made with the help of someone else, you must notify Wallpaper* and Dsg, at the time of entry and must, if requested, provide a signed written personal release from the copyright owner of the relevant photo/ video/written material or from the person who helped you make the relevant Work, which (a) grants Wallpaper* and Dsg the same rights in relation photos/videos/written material and/or Work(s) that grant Wallpaper* and Dsg, under these terms and conditions and (b) waives any and all moral rights s/he may enjoy in connection with any such photos/videos/written material and Work(s). Failure to provide such release upon request or if sponsor in its sole discretion determines that such release is inadequate, may result in disqualification.