Diamonds tremble on their golden stems in the new ‘Dancing Diamonds’ collection from Delfina Delettrez. The jewellery designer has built on the playful foundations of her ‘Piercing’ and ‘Dots’ collections for these pieces that free solitaire, marquis and baguette-cut stones from their traditional settings.

‘I wanted to create delicate pieces that speak softly and reveal their playfulness through observation; the movement is very subtle and you have to be really close to appreciate their impact. It’s what makes them more personal, intimate and almost secretive,’ says Delettrez. ‘My starting point was the engagement ring. I often find myself attracted by the most classic pieces of jewellery, as I feel the need to reinvent them and infuse them with novelty. The “Daisy” ring creates brilliant halos of shifting light given by six diamond charms that rotate like petals in orbit around a central white diamond solitaire.’

Delfina Delettrez and Dancing Diamonds

gold and diamond engagement ring by Delfina Delettrez

Other pieces in the collection put the focus on rubies, emeralds and sapphires, which are juxtaposed against round, marquise or pear-shaped charms that form colourful petals around the gems. ‘In my designs I am always looking for contrasts and clashes,’ Delettrez adds. ‘But there is always a light spirit, a light message, both in design and concept. In this case it is the solid base of the jewel opposed to the delicate diamond charms. I like how each piece refracts light differently due to the movement of the diamond charms surrounding the stone.’

The designs, although fluid and light to wear, are ultimately functional; the charms that move in response to your body encompass a toughness that ensures their wearability. ‘I always take into consideration the woman who wears them, and her new way of being and buying,’ says Delettrez. ‘Jewellery now, more than ever, has to be practical and move with you. Women are now buying jewellery for themselves, almost as an everyday accessory, and they want to wear it all day long. This doesn’t mean that jewellery has lost its meaning, but it gives it a renewed energy. I find this approach very liberating and contemporary.’ §

diamond engagement ring by Delfina Delettrez
sapphire and diamond ring
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ruby and diamond ring
emerald and diamond earring
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